How to Create a Professional Free Blog Website

Blogging is the best way to earn money in the Internet world. Do you also want to create your own blog or want to create a free website which you can also start earning money online, then today we are going to give you complete information about how to create a free blog website.

  Before making a blog, tell for your information that there are many bloggers who started blogging part time and today they earn so much from blogging that they do not need to do any job. Because there is no limit to earning money from Blog, you can earn lakhs of rupees and Harsh Agrawal is the biggest example of this.

There are many platforms available on the Internet to create a free blog and website. We are going to tell you about those two platforms which are the most popular and reliable which you can create a free Blog and Professional Blog Website.

First of all, it is very important for you to know what is Blog and what is Blogger and Blogging. So that you will already get answers to many questions that come in your mind.

Blogging is the most excellent way to earn money in the world of the Internet. Do you also want to create your own blog or a free website to start making money online? Today, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to create a free blog and website.

Before you start a blog, it is essential to know that there are many bloggers who initially started blogging as a part-time activity but now earn so much through blogging that they no longer need a regular job. Blogging offers unlimited earning potential, and one of the biggest examples of this is Harsh Agrawal.

To create a free blog and website, there are several platforms available on the Internet. We will tell you about two platforms that are the most popular and reliable for creating both free blogs and professional blog websites.

First, let’s understand what a blog is and who are bloggers and what is blogging. This will help you find answers to many questions that might arise in your mind.

What is a Blog and How Does It Work?

When you search something on Google, you get numerous search results. These results are written by people like you and me, who are called bloggers. Bloggers share their knowledge and help others through their posts while earning money online.

For example, if you search “How to Create a Free Blog Website,” you will find many results, and the post of the blogger who writes the best content and optimizes it for search engines will rank at the top.

Creating a blog is similar to creating a website, and you don’t necessarily need to have knowledge of computer languages or pay any money for it. You can create a free blog and start your blogging journey.

How to Create a Free Blog and Website Step by Step

If you have some knowledge of using a computer and the Internet, creating a free blog and website is straightforward. We are providing you with two methods to start your blogging career by creating free blogs and websites.

Method 1: Creating a Free Blog on Blogger

Blogger is a service provided by Google, making it a highly popular platform for creating free blog websites. Many renowned bloggers started their blogging careers on Blogger, and you can also begin your blog to kickstart your blogging journey.

How to Create a Professional Free Blog Website Step By Step Guide

  1. First, visit
  2. Sign up using your Gmail account to create a blog.
  3. You will see two options: Google+ Profile and Blogger Profile. Choose one and set up your profile. After that, click on “Create Blog” and follow the steps provided.

Write the title of your blog like if the address of your blog is then write HP Jinjholiya here.

Write the address of your blog, this is the aadress that people search in Google to reach your blog like  If the address given by you is available then you will see the message “This Blog address is available” .

You want to keep some kind of theme of your blog, also select that which you can change later also.

Your blog is ready as soon as you click on Create Blog. Now you can publish it by writing a post on your blog and then you can start earning money by connecting it with Google Adsense .

How to make free blog on WordPress

WordPress provides two platforms to create a blog and website, one is Paid for which you need Domain Name and Web Hosting and the other is free which you can create a free blog, so let’s know how to create a free blog on wordpress.

1. First of all you have to go to and click on Sign Up in it.

2. After this, a form opens in front of you, whose 4 steps you have to follow, after selecting the name, categories and goal of your blog, click on the Continue button as shown below.

3. Now enter the address of your blog and select Free blog address

4. After this you have to select the free plan and click on Start with free

Now by entering the address of your Gmail account , click on the continue button and just by creating a free blog on wordpress, you can easily create your free blog and website by following these steps. But to make Blog Professional, you have to take care of many things, so let’s know how to make Professional Blog.

How to make Free Blog a Professional Blog

1. First download a good Theam for your free blog

2. Make the interface and navigation of the blog easy

3. Design logo and favicon for Blog

4. Put Social Sharing Button in Blog

5. Create Blog Post categories

6. Create an account for the blog on social media like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter

Benefits of blogging by creating a blog

1. The biggest advantage of blogging is that you become your own boss.

2. Google Adsense is the first way to earn money from blogging, so blogging means that you are working with the world’s biggest company.

3. You can do your work sitting anywhere, no office is required for this.

4. You can earn more money than any normal job.

5. Blogging increases your knowledge a lot and you get to know about many things.

6. Blogging can make you famous in the internet world with money.

You do not need much money for blogging by making 7. blogs.

8. Blogging can make you a Writer and you can write Books.

9. Blogging can earn you money through many mediums like Google Adsense, Affiliates Marketing , Product Reviews etc.

10. Along with earning money from blogging, you get a chance to help other people, which is a big deal.

So friends, I think after reading this post completely, you must have understood that how you can create your own Free Blog website and also what are the benefits of creating a free blog. I hope you have liked this post, so share it with your friends who can work by creating a free blog and earn money from it, and if you have any question, then tell us in the comment.

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